Summer Dialogue 2023 scholarship recipients
(L-R) Dane Wiskow – Houston Public Schools, Jamie Dickerson – Red Rock Central Public Schools, Bailey Cords – Springfield Public Schools, Kryston Wisely – Forest View Middle Schools, Brainerd & Spencer Gillian – Monticello Middle and High Schools

Bailey Cords

Springfield Public Schools

ACDA Summer Dialogue was a fantastic way to wrap up the summer and prepare for my fourth year of teaching! I had a blast attending reading sessions, catching up with old friends, and making new ones. My first Summer Dialogue experience was unforgettable!

As someone who attended college out-of-state, it was awesome to finally meet people I’ve always admired or heard about. Besides connecting with great people, enjoying outstanding reading sessions and many other different interest sessions, I really enjoyed talking to others about how their programs are bouncing back after COVID. As someone who started teaching in the middle of the pandemic, It made me feel like I wasn’t the only one dealing with the everyday challenges post COVID and finding new ways to tackle them.

Something I will never forget is a quick conversation I had with Bruce Becker right before our Directors Chorus performance. As we all know, Bruce is one fantastic human who I have always heard about and looked up to. Little did I know, he was related to a family in my school district and already heard much about the program that I have been rebuilding since COVID. His kind words about my success and encouragement to keep it up will be something I will never forget!

Now that the 23/24 school year is gearing up, I can’t wait to try out the different ideas I picked up from Summer Dialogue in my own classroom! It’s given me a fresh perspective and lots of practical insights to improve my teaching.