Fall 2021, Issue 50-1

Our three issues for the Star of the North will take on the following themes:

  • Restoring Wellness within your Singers / Students (Fall)
  • Restoring Wellness within your Program / Community (Winter)
  • Restoring Wellness within Yourself (Spring)

The Voices from the District articles authored by Richard Robbins (Northeast), Chris Larson (Metro West), and Chad Felton (Southwest) take on this theme of restoring wellness within your singers / students. The Legacy article features the life and work of Ken Hodgson who in 2018 received the F. Melius Christiansen Lifetime Achievement Award. The Star Program for our Fall issue puts a spotlight on the Kerkhoven-Murdock-Sunburg (KMS) choral program in West Central Minnesota.

The Student Chapter Forum is a new feature that highlights some of the activities happening in our student ACDA chapters. Concordia College is featured in this first issue along with an invitation for other collegiate chapters to contribute to future issues. The Home Sweet Home article interviews Alison Kulseth who teaches at her alma mater in St. James, Minnesota. The Commissioning Corner article discusses Kyle Pedersen’s piece “The Other Side” through the lens of restoring wellness within the singers that commissioned the work.

Stay up to date with our Executive Director’s Inside ACDA-MN and FMC Endowment Fund articles. Find some inspiration by viewing the Pick Six, Scholarship Sketches, 5 Words or Less, and ACE Inspirations articles.

On behalf of the Star of the North Editorial Team, we thank you for your readership and applaud you for the extraordinary work that you are doing to restore wellness within your singers / students. Your singers and families need you more than you may realize. Let’s plan to get together at the Fall Conference!

Peter J. Durow
Managing Editor

Cover Photo by Mari Helin-Tuominen on StockSnap