Star-of-the-North-226x63For over forty years, the Star of the North state newsletter has been an integral communication tool of the ACDA-MN state organization. From the first issue in 1972, which was written, typed, mimeographed, stamped and mailed by Wayne Kivell who served the dual roles of state president and editor, to our new 21st century exclusive online issues, the purpose of the newsletter has remained the same…to inform, to enlighten, and to inspire its readers.

We thank the following ACDA-MN members have served as leaders in developing the Star of the North (names listed in order of service from 1972 to present):

Managing Editors

Wayne Kivell, George Berglund, Randi Von Elefson, Paul Rusterholz, Martin Dicke, Ken Hodgson, Mark Howarth, David Scholz, Ryan Connolly, Kari Douma, Mark Potvin, Bret Amundson

Associate Editors

John Guidry, Ben Henschel, Kate Larson, Garrett Lathe, David Winkworth

Advertising Chairs

Don Bulfer, Curtis Hansen, Murrae Freng, Lin Warren, Randy Schafer, Mike Kovic, Jody McCormick, John Kleinwolterink, Bruce W. Becker

Circulation Chairs

Steven Boehlke, David Docter, Jesse Knight

Over the years, the Star of the North has received ten ACDA national awards for excellence in content and design. The citations were awarded to the following editors as follows:

1991 – Ken Hodgson; 1997 – Mark Howarth; 1999 – Mark Howarth; 2003 – David Scholz; 2005 – Ryan Connolly; 2007 – Kari Douma; 2009 – Kari Douma; 2011 – Mark Potvin; 2013 – Bret Amundson

First Star of the North Newsletter in 1972

First Star of the North Newsletter in 1972


Times have changed since the mail delivery of that first Star of the North in 1972.  What our current editorial team, along with our Web Editor have created, is a first-rate online interactive resource that is available on a variety of user-friendly platforms–from desktop computer, to laptop, to tablet, to smartphone, along with a vibrant presence on Facebook.  What hasn’t changed is our commitment to providing our state membership relevant information and engaging resources to assist them in their daily classroom routines.
The Star of the motto is:  RelevantResourcefulRespected, which also has become a touchstone for its own legacy.  I would like to take this opportunity to thank the Star of the North servants who dedicated a significant portion of their careers to illuminate the past, inform the present, and inspire the future.  That is a legacy worth noting!
That is all for now….