Paula Holmberg

Three years ago, ACDA-MN embarked on a strategic planning process that we call “2020 @ 2020.” This process of organizational analysis was envisioned to lead us to an updated vision for support and programming, ensuring an authentic and high level benefit to our members and their singers.

A 2020@2020 Taskforce was put in place, including the Board of Directors and additional members that would represent, to great extent, all of the demographics of our choral community. ACDA-MN selected Steven Albaugh to facilitate this extensive process, confident of Steven’s effective leadership, positive vision and bolstered by his servant heart. Nine scheduled full-day meetings were held in conjunction with regular ACDA-MN Board of Director meetings in January, June, and August.

This article is the first of several articles and efforts to share with our membership the pertinent details of the collaborative work of the 2020 taskforce. We will continue to communicate through this newsletter, culminating in the publishing of the final 2020 @ 2020 report.

Already, the rich conversations and creative input of our taskforce contributors has influenced our programming. Propelled by meetings that were at once invigorating and exhausting, compelling and urgently relevant, the content of our discussions has reached those who provide leadership in most every area of ACDA-MN, and will be vividly realized in the program for this year’s State Conference, November 16-17.

The work of our taskforce began with a massive brainstorm to define our vision and mission. Upwards of thirty contributors poured heart, soul and intellect into a brew that was distilled to a final mission statement. This is what guided our time together.

ACDA-MN 2020 @ 2020 Taskforce Mission Statement

The ACDA-MN 2020 @ 2020 strategic planning taskforce purpose is to examine and evaluate all structure, policies & practices of our organization.  Reflecting on our history and values, while mindful of our under-served and under-represented communities, members will hold courageous conversations to identify organizational strengths, recognize needs for growth, and assess areas needing adjustment or elimination.  This taskforce will create an action plan with the intent of evolving into an inclusive, relevant, and sustainable community benefiting all directors and our choral communities.

Please join me in thanking the members of the 2020 @ 2020 Taskforce, who gave so generously of their time and committed earnestly to the mindful introspection and bold articulation that was necessary to reach our goals.

  • Sarah Abelsen — Elementary
  • Steven Albaugh — High School
  • Bruce Becker — Staff
  • Steven Boehlke — Community, Church
  • Angela Broeker — College
  • Lawrence Burnet — College
  • Mathew Culloton — Community/Professional
  • Michael Culloton — College
  • Jeffrey Dahl — High School
  • Amy Erlandson — Student
  • Randi Erlandson — High School
  • Chad Garrels — High School
  • Seana Graber — Middle/High School
  • Rob Hahn — High School
  • Allan Hawkins — Community
  • Diane Heaney — High School
  • Ben Henschel — High School
  • Andre Heywood — Community/College
  • Paula Holmberg — High School
  • Robin Hughes — High School
  • Alex Jacques — High School
  • Dwight Jilek — College
  • Amy Johnson — High School
  • Kristin Kivell — Staff
  • Matt Krage — Middle/High School
  • Reid Larsen — Middle School
  • Sarah Ludwig — College
  • Michael McGaghie — College
  • Erynn Millard — College
  • Brad Miller — College
  • Karla Miller — College
  • Jennifer Parker — College
  • Gene Peterson — College
  • Jonathan Rydberg — Student
  • Judy Sagen — Community
  • Tim Sawyer — College/Community
  • Randy Schafer — High School
  • Michael Sellheim — Middle/High School
  • Michael Smith — Retired
  • Brian Stubbs — High School
  • Caroline Swanson — Middle School
  • Gillian Teoh-Berbee — Middle School
  • Dawn Thomsen — Staff
  • Jerome Upton — High School
  • Carole Whitney — High School
  • Maria Wilson — Middle School
  • Tesfa Wondemagegnehu — Community/Church
  • Susan Zemlin — High School