Pick Six By:

Teresa Ashworth

Repertoire & Standards Chair for Two Year College Choirs
Minnesota State Community and Technical College


Bright Morning Star

arr. Shawn Kirchner

Santa Barbara Music Publishing INC, 594
Also available: SBMP 1077 SSAA, SBMP 1246 TTBB

SATB piano baritone solo

A gorgeous baritone soloist sets up this beautiful arrangement with a meaningful text. The piano is an independent instrument that adds lush and delicate interest. The a cappella men’s section is a surprise following the solo and piano sections and leaves you wanting to hear more. The women’s entrance adds to the listener’s enjoyment and connects the text to the music, followed by the piano solo. The choir joins together as the selection continues and swells with a momentous choral texture that moves the soul as intended by the text. Soprano and tenor soloists continue over the choir for an improvisational section. The lone baritone finishes this selection and leaves you with a reflective peace. An excellent selection and arrangement of American literature with a study in contrast featuring the solo voices in your ensemble.

See and Hear the Complete Score

The Bonita High School Chamber Singers, Todd Helm, conductor [© all rights reserved]

The Spheres

Ola Gjeilo

Walton Press WW1431
Also available: strings

SSAATTBB a cappella

The Spheres is the first movement of the Sunrise Mass that engages the singers and audience to a feeling of “floating in space, of beginnings.” It lends itself to a double choir experience for the singers. The piece also creates independence through counting and a smaller ensemble experience. The two choirs reflect each other in dynamics and melody which allows the choir to be creative in their delivery. Sung with the Latin text, Kyrie eleison, it builds enormous cluster chords that are wonderful to produce and hear. Directors will be able to create several warm-ups that help with ear training and dynamic contrasts using the motives from this selection. Students will enjoy this piece because of its movie score quality and feel. The original score uses string accompaniment which makes for a seamless and connected presentation.

The Same Love

Paul Baloche and Michael Rossbach, arr. Daniel Semsen

Lillenas Publishing Company 978-0- 8341-8265- 3
Also available:
CD accompaniment 7-65762- 16552-6,
Orchestration 7-65762- 21630-3,
Instrumentation parts available

SATB Piano

This sacred selection is excellent for sight reading and will become a favorite “request to sing” by your choir. The middle portion has a beautiful syncopated melody for the men, and the women’s voices maintain the original idea of the song moving to SSA. There is an opportunity to add your own student rhythm section to this octavo to create an exciting performance. It is an audience pleaser and a meaningful addition to your rehearsals.

The Lady in the Water

Eric Barnum

Santa Barbara Music Publishing, INC. 765

SATB a Cappella

Barnum gives us an absolutely beautiful and haunting melody that you will continue to sing all day! The text is by Thomas Hood and the music paints a picture to compliment the poetry. The piece captures the listeners and performers with the subtle motion in the beginning and moves to a flourish in the middle with cluster chords and eight part divisi. This selection will challenge an ensemble to master imagery, dynamic contrast, tempo changes and multi-meter. It demands singers to become independent and confident in their presentation having a wide range in all sections.

See and Hear the Complete Score

The Duluth East A Cappella Choir, Jerome Upton, conductor [© all rights reserved]

Hine Ma Tov

Neil Ginsberg

Santa Barbara Music Publishing 286

SATB Piano and Flute

Authentic multicultural music is often hard to come by. Tim Gregory gives us a great glimpse into East African music with “The Joy I Feel.” Comprised of three stand-alone pieces, this arrangement is very flexible and will meet the needs of any program. It is written as 2-part, in a primarily call and response form. However, there is divisi throughout if desired. The most powerful aspect of teaching this piece are the field recordings. Letting students see and hear an authentic performance of the piece is extremely beneficial.

See and Hear the Complete Score

Oba Ti De

Jeffery Ames


SSAATTBB & percussion, a cappella

This celebratory selection was arranged for the Christmas season. Traditional Nigerian text using two languages is combined with percussion for a fantastic start or end of a concert program. It utilizes call and response with an opportunity to feature several soloists and the layering of rhythmic interest within each vocal section. During the middle you hear the familiar carol “Angels we Have Heard on High” in the native language, a beautiful surprise after the rhythmic opening. The percussion score is available for purchase. A masterful arrangement that is accessible to all choirs and allows for creativity in the presentation.