In Remembrance
Phil Mattson

The School for Music Vocations at Southwestern Community College mourns the loss today of Phil Mattson, who re-designed the music curriculum at SWCC more than 25 years ago. He inspired thousands of students to pursue music, and to pursue it with passion and integrity. Through years of running his summer workshops, so many in the musical community-at-large were able to cross paths and be inspired by this musical icon. We will do our best to carry on his vision at The School for Music Vocations, and at the SMV Vocal Jazz Camps.

We will miss your incredible musical talent, Phil, your bright light, and your unwavering vision you had about how music education should be. Thank you, and Rest In Peace.


Note from Executive Director:
Phil Mattson, one of the great contributors to jazz education and performance in America recently passed away.  Phil was born and raised in Brainerd MN and attended Concordia College in Moorhead.  Following his tenure at the School of Music Vocations at Southwestern Community College in Iowa, he moved to St. Paul and formed a Minnesota version of the Phil Mattson Singers.  Above is a facebook posting from the college at the news of his passing.