Many thanks to the Minnesota Music Educators Association for an incredible Mid-Winter Clinic in February. The depth and breadth of the sessions, topics, headliners, and performances was enriching and motivating. As an organization, MMEA is responsible to meet the professional needs of the full membership in all of its programming. Choral educators are only one spoke of the music education wheel, yet the development of young singers remains a high priority for MMEA. This priority is most evident in the legacy of the Minnesota All-State Choirs.

Minnesota is known around the nation as a great “choir” state; ACDA-MN calls it the “Land of 10,000 Choirs.” Choral singing is a part of Minnesota’s DNA. It would follow that the contribution of our professional organizations would provide the highest quality experiences for Minnesota singers. The Minnesota All-State Choir program, sponsored by MMEA, offers something unique in the landscape of All-State choirs around the nation. Many former All-State choir conductors talk about Minnesota All-State as a pinnacle program, and an honored conducting opportunity. We have maintained a strong and solid reputation for excellence on the national level. Our program is unique in several ways, most notably the one-week camp and the February performance capstone at Orchestra Hall. This format, facilitated by renowned conductors, highly skilled accompanists, and passionate sectional coaches, enables each singer to have a rich musical experience.

Miriam-Webster defines legacy as “something transmitted by or received from an ancestor or predecessor or from the past”. Legacy can be considered an endowment, a gift, or an inheritance. It would imply longevity and a highly favorable reputation.

The Minnesota All-State Choirs are a vital part of our state’s choral legacy. The students who have the opportunity to participate are the better for their experience — as musicians, as leaders, as future choral participants, and as patrons. It is our hope that their experience will help them to lead today and shape the future generation of choral musicians. This investment will ensure that our choral art remains vibrant and vital in the state of Minnesota. This is our legacy!