Activities of the Diversity Initiatives National Standing Committee for ACDA

Angela Broeker

Angela Broeker

The newly-formed Diversity Initiatives National Standing Committee for ACDA reports the following:

1.  Mission Statement

The mission of the Diversity Initiatives Committee of the American Choral Directors Association is to foster diversity and inclusivity in our membership, ensembles, and repertoire through active engagement with underrepresented choral musicians and potential choral participants. We will bring about a broader definition of choral excellence both as result of this inclusivity and in order to maintain our relevance and expand both the reach and impact of our profession and its musical scope.

2.  The Diversity Initiatives Open Forum at the ACDA National Convention in Minnesota

An interactive open session for all ACDA membership with the chair and members of the Diversity Committee is scheduled for the national convention in March. Attendees are encouraged to bring their questions, concerns and ideas as the committee outlines their upcoming plans.

Members of the ACDA-MN community might find the following diversity resources helpful:

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