Composing a Narrative

We hope this Spring 2020 issue finds you happy, healthy, safe and at peace. Please be certain to read the Guest Feature article about taking care of your emotional and mental health. As we are living in a new normal and uncertain future with the Covid 19 pandemic, we hope that the information provided in this issue will be relevant, inspirational and informative.

The Legacy Article features the life and career of René Clausen, who has influenced thousands of students, colleagues and audience members through his work as a conductor and composer. Dr. Clausen’s legacy was the inspiration for this issue’s theme: Composing a Narrative. The From the Field articles authored by Chad Felton, Chris Larson and Richard Robbins offer three unique takes on this theme.The Commissioning Corner article features a new work written by Kyle Pederson for the 2020-21 Minnesota All State Choir.

Our State President, Diane Heaney, offers an update on the 2020 Task Force Project and the Star Program for this issue is the Mankato Children’s Choir, Leah B. Ries, Artistic Director. The Inside ACDA article, the ACE Inspirations, the Scholarship Sketches, and our ever-popular Pix Six are all here to give you up-to-date information and timely inspiration.

On behalf of the Star of the North editorial team, we thank you for your readership, and for the narratives that you will create in the days ahead.

Peter J. Durow
Managing Editor

Erik Doucette
Associate Editor

Garrett Lathe
Associate Editor

Cory Westgard
Associate Editor

Bruce W. Becker
Executive Director

Dariush Akhavan
Web Editor