This Issue of the Star of the North

Common Threads — It may seem like I am preaching to the choir, but go ahead and reflect for a moment on how this idea of “common threads” relates to our profession of choral music. Maybe you first think of a choral music curriculum that is integrated across subject areas to enhance student learning. Music is art but it also is a science, it is mathematical, a foreign language, history, and dance. Maybe you think of choral music that spans the ages of time or passes on from one generation to the next. Or maybe you think of the social aspects of choir and how music exists in all cultures throughout the world despite one’s socioeconomic status. How does choral music bring people together?

Our fall issue of the MN ACDA Star of the North features an inspiring Legacy article about Diana J. Leland who has served our choral profession in her local community, as well as at the state, national and international levels. One of Diana’s “common threads” has been her lifetime membership and many years of service in ACDA.  I hope you will be inspired by this article.

The Music Ministry at St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church in Mahtomedi is our Star Program. One “common thread” that you may discover is their commitment to strive for excellence as they provide varied and flexible experiences for all abilities. Our From the Field articles, authored by Michael Jeffrey and Michael Sellheim, both discuss this idea of “common threads” from two unique, thought provoking, student centered, and honest perspectives.

Finally, if you are like most choral conductors who experience the “common thread” of constantly looking for repertoire ideas, please see the latest Pick Six selections from our Star Program and Repertoire and Resource Chairs. Read about J. David Moore’s MMEA and MN-ACDA commissioned work in the Commissioning Corner. David reflects on his setting of a short Wendell Berry poem, in which eighty young musicians fearlessly sang – we are all “members of one another.” What a brilliant example of bringing people together.

On behalf of the Star of the North editorial team, we hope you find the information in this issue to be both inspirational and relevant as we work to disseminate professional news about our organization. We welcome your feedback and thank you for your readership.

Peter J. Durow
Managing Editor

Erik Doucette
Associate Editor

Garrett Lathe
Associate Editor

Cory Westgard
Associate Editor

Bruce W. Becker
Executive Director

Dariush Akhavan
Web Editor