2019 Southwest District ACE Award

Dolly Talbert, Luverne

Presented by Seana Graber, SW District Chair

The Southwest District was proud to present the ACE Award to Dolly Talbert. Seana Graber, choir director for the Luverne Public Schools, nominated Dolly because of her dedication to the choral program at Luverne Middle and High School and for being an advocate for music throughout the community of Luverne.

Dolly has been one of Seana’s accompanists for 9 years and was accompanying choirs before Seana took over the position of choir director. Dolly also plays the piano at church, gives piano lessons, and is always available to accompany soloists at church and throughout the community.

Dolly has given of her remarkable gift of music to many throughout the community. She was a music teacher and choir director in the Luverne school district for over 20 years and now she accompanies 3 of the 4 choirs and accompanies soloists and small ensembles for contest.

When Dolly walks in the choir room, the students are so excited to see her. The magic truly begins when she sits down at the piano. Dolly will give helpful input on what the choirs are working on and will interact with the choirs during rehearsal. Dolly’s ideas and opinions are trusted and valued by Seana.

Dolly is certainly the heart and soul of the choirs she accompanies. Dolly has given so much to the students of Luverne Middle and High School and to the community of Luverne. Dolly has always been and will continue to be an advocate for choral excellence.