2019 Southeast District ACE Award

Ruth Legvold, Northfield

Presented on Thursday, August 8, Summer Dialogue Award and Recognition Banquet

Nominated and presented by Kyle Eastman, Northfield High School

Ruth Legvold’s journey with choral music, and ensuring its excellence around her, is centered in love. A love for the art form, family, and the individuals with whom she interacts.

A proud 1961 graduate of Northfield High School, she sang in the Northfield High School Choirs, where she met her husband David. She sang in the St. Olaf Choir, and is an Ole through-and-through. I am so happy this award is being presented to Ruth on the campus of her alma mater. She is a member of St. John’s Lutheran Church in Northfield, where she has been deeply involved with the music program. She is a fierce consumer, advocate, and teacher, for all things music. Ask her what her plans are for the coming days, and you would be hard pressed to get an answer that does not include her going to a concert, the theatre, or even performing herself.

While her connections and advocacy for our art form run deep in the community of Northfield, I have the distinct pleasure of witnessing and experiencing where her greatest reach occurs – in her interactions with our students at Northfield High School. Ruth has been accompanying choirs at NHS for 25 years. She has had the enviable experience of watching her own children come through the program she loves, and then literally be in the room as her grandchildren do the same. She has instilled a love of singing in her family.

But if you were to walk into our rehearsal room, aside from the shockingly good looks, it would be difficult to differentiate between Ruth’s family proper, and our students. You see, to her, and to our students, they are all family. She is a shining example in our profession of not only advocating for musical excellence, but more importantly, advocating for excellence in character and the human spirit.

Some thoughts from a couple of our singers:

Everyone lights up when she comes into the room during rehearsals. Through my years in the choir program she has taught me more than I can imagine but most importantly she has taught me to be more confident and comfortable with myself and then my voice.


Mrs. Legvold has given us so much love and support, she should know how much we love and support her. Mrs. Legvold is not only the sweetest person you’ll meet, but she is also one of the smartest, strongest, and funniest women I know. She always goes above and beyond to help us succeed as a choir, and as individuals.

It is my distinct honor to present the Advocate for Choral Excellence award of the Southeast District to Ruth Legvold.

Kyle Eastman
Northfield High School