Northwest District ACE Award Recipient

Gordon Moe

Former Manager of Choral Activities, Concordia College-Moorhead

Nominated by Michael Culloton, former Northwest District Chair, Concordia College-Moorhead


The following ACE Award presentation was given by Northwest District Chair Dwight Jilek during the annual Summer Dialogue Award and Recognition Banquet, Thursday, August 9, 2018.


21 years, 60 ensemble tours, and 132 Christmas Concerts. Thousands of students, hundreds of faculty members and staff, and on a conservative estimate, at least a half a million audience members and listeners.

It’s difficult to find someone who has had more positive and lasting effects on a myriad of facets of choral music in the Minnesota, the region, and the nation, than Gordon Moe. Gordon was the Manager of Choral Activities, Producer of the Concordia Christmas Concert and coordinated the Rene Clausen Choral School.

Gordon loved the newness and freshness of each year with each new iteration of the Concordia Choir. He loved seeing the excitement among singers to carry on the legacy at Concordia that so many aspired to withhold and continue, including himself. His energy, attention to detail and never-ending wit not only sustained but enabled the refinement of all elements of performance.

Gordon became a staple of the experience and success at Concordia College, but it didn’t stop there. He very much enjoyed his colleagues from the state, region and nation and became Executive Director of the College Music Tour Managers Association, which has included almost 40 colleges and universities across the country.

Gordon enabled singers and students from Concordia and beyond to experience one of the most powerful experiences in Gordon’s own life: traveling on a performance tour and sharing a message of hope and beauty through the presentation of world class music with his peers, spanning most states and multiple countries abroad.

These experiences, along with the entirety of the choral program that Gordon helped organize and promote, drives so many of us through our daily lives as professionals in music and beyond, including myself. For this, Gordon, we are forever grateful.

Gordon is now the E-Commerce Manager at RDO Equipment Co, working with and recruited by another Concordia Choir alum and former Manager of Choral Activities at Concordia, Ted Horan. Although he is excited about his new position, Gordon says he will miss interacting with students and being surrounded with world-class music. We will miss you too, Gordon.

On behalf of ACDA-MN and as NW District Chair and as a Concordia Alumnus, it is my pleasure to present the 2018 Northwest District ACE Award to Gordon Moe.