2018 Metro West District ACE Award

Mary Fadden

Good Evening,  I am Jeff Dahl, West Metro District Chair. I had the privilege of growing up in a small rural town with a great music program that was enhanced by a woman who was an amazing piano teacher, played for school programs, contests, recitals and was a superb church musician and a huge support for music in the community. In a little town like Roseau one might expect that one special person could be responsible for impacting the lives of so many young people and gifting a whole community with music. I never imagined to find in a large suburban community that the same profound influence of a single person was remotely possible. Yet I have witnessed such a person in Mary Fadden. Mary has certainly been an ACE in Wayzata’s pocket for 33 plus years, as Mary is a home grown, class valedictorian Wayzatan.

Mary is a brilliant woman, with refined artistic musical skills, unmatched work ethic and the heart of a servant leader. Mary’s Daughter Amy keeps being recognized for her excellence, moving up the corporate ladder, I know Mary would have been quite the powerhouse in corporate America had she chosen a different path and she has the analytical and organizational skills as her Lawyer Daughter Kim and the leadership capacity of her son, Plymouth Chief of Police Erik and the amazing strength to serve like military veterans, son Joel and husband Jerry, and her amazing, generous, loving spirit of her father. Mary has served Wayzata and enriched the community with her substantial and supportive work. An incredible advocate for community music she has helped support music in the public school, concerts, convention performances, vocal recitals, community choirs, all district honor choirs and places of worship as well as teaching private piano. Mary thank you for living a life that has supported choral music in your community and for being a model of servant leadership. The ACDA metro west district is proud to honor you.