Community volunteers that…support our mission to inspire and support a community of choral musicians in our state.

Presented by Susan Zemlin
ACDA-MN Vice President
ACDA-MN Summer Dialogue Award and Recognition Banquet
Thursday, August 10, Saint John’s University



As you have heard tonight, the ACE awards are for those special people who support and advocate for choral music at an extraordinary level, but are not necessarily choral directors. I have the honor of sharing a few words, not only from the Metro East district, but from our entire state about the next honoree.

I have come to refer to Paul Geier as ACDA’s “Super Volunteer.” Paul is an exceptional band director who happens to be married to an exceptional choral director – our recently retired Executive Assistant, Barb Geier. When I was preparing my first State Conference, I spent a great deal of time around Barb and Paul. I quickly learned that Paul was an important part of our organization. He could have stayed home while Barb worked all of those conferences, Summer Dialogues, and Honor Choirs, but he didn’t. He became one of us – just because he wanted to, and because he loves Barb.

Paul patiently showed me how to set up the easel that holds the giant picture of our logo. He loaded and unloaded the ‘Geiermobile’ with the registration materials and equipment everywhere we went. He participated in the glamorous task of name tag making. He helped us figure out how to zip tie the big banners to hang in the lobby of St. Andrews. He helped sell tickets and handle “crowd management” at honor choir concerts. He went through the performance spaces at the end of the concerts picking up garbage and putting the room back to the way it was supposed to be. And, what makes him so special to us as ACDA members, he knew most of our names, would help hand out our badges at registration, and put out fires when we had little glitches arise. I think Paul Geier knows more ACDA member names than I do.

I don’t think Paul sees any of this as extraordinary. He is a servant leader by nature and this was just what he did. I do see him as extraordinary. Those of us who are in this business know the challenges our jobs place on our families. Instead of staying home frustrated about Barb being at work, Paul chose to support her work – and in doing so, supported us. I am personally grateful for the mentoring and friendship Paul so freely gave, and for the calm presence he always provided at our registration table. Paul, to all of us, you will always be our favorite ACDA Band Director and Super Volunteer. Thank you for being an advocate for choral music.


We wish you and Barb many peaceful adventures in the AirStream and at BBQ Judging Events – without any phone calls at awkward hours about Opus Event, how to reset our passwords, or how to find our member number! I am honored to present Paul Geier as the Metro East Advocate for Choral Excellence.