Bob and Lora Lee Saeter (Fosston, MN)

Presented By: Shelly Wahlin

Bob and Lora Lee Saeter (photo L-R: Shelly, Lora Lee, & Bob) of Fosston, MN are the recipients of the Northwest Area ACE (Advocate for Choral Excellence) award.

Back in 1968, Bob accepted a band teaching job in Fosston. Bob was young, and anxious to become a member of his new community. Kingo Lutheran Church needed a choir director. Soon Bob was building an excellent band program in the school, while also sharing his diverse talent by directing the church choir. The church choir had a wonderful accompanist: Lora Lee Saeter. These two musicians went on to share their passion for music with their community for many years in many different ways. For several years, Bob also taught choral music at Fosston (MN) High School. Bob continued his teaching career until 1995. In 1995, Lora Lee and Bob became owners/managers of the Super 8 Motel in Fosston. Their magical partnership continues to this day: Lora Lee continues to be a piano teacher and accompanist at the church, while Bob continues conducting the church choir. Their combined years of promoting church choral music is approaching the 95-year mark!

In addition to their involvement with school music and church music, they have also lent their talents to the community in other ways. Four years ago, there was no music planned for the town’s Memorial Day service. Bob took the bull by the horns and organized a community choir to be part of this service. Just this past year, there were 50 individuals involved in this choral community event. The dedication of the Saeters to their community, and their passion for music, has been a lifelong journey. They continue to support choral and instrumental music in the schools and churches of their community. Bob and Lora Lee Saeter’s dedication and commitment to music make them very deserving being recipients of the Northwest area ACE award.

Shelly Wahlin
Former NW District Chair, ACDA-MN