The following is a transcription of remarks made by Jan Gilbertson (photo-left) at the presentation of the ACE Award to Dianne Nash (photo-right).

I am so proud to present Dianne Nash as a recipient of the ACDA-MN Advocate for Choral Excellence award. Dianne is our administrative support for the ten staff members of St. Andrew’s Music Department. As the daughter of a band director, and a singer in St. Andrew’s Choir, she truly understands the needs of our music staff. Because she has been on our staff for 12 years, she knows our needs and how to make things happen. We really don’t know how we could function without her.

Her music duties at St. Andrew’s include:

  • Scheduling all of our rehearsals and events so that the rooms and equipment are ready for us at every
  • rehearsal, for Sunday services, and for concerts. She works magic with a complicated schedule of events
  • in our large congregation
  • Maintaining our music library and folders for all of our choirs and orchestra
  • Keeping a record of what music is performed every week — a wonderful resource
  • Proofing worship bulletins and publications
  • Contacting orchestra personnel for our orchestra events, held every month
  • Facilitating an ever-increasing number of outside concerts held at St. Andrew’s by working in advance with the groups performing — even anticipating their needs before they know they need it.

Although the largest part of Dianne’s time is spent in support of the music department, she also provides support in several other areas. We are fortunate that her office is located in the music department, so she is always right there when we need her assistance.

As part of Dianne’s position with outside events, she makes a significant contribution to the success of the ACDA-MN Fall Conference and Honors Choir concerts that are held at St. Andrew's. She prepares the contracts and books the facilities for everything in the conference — concerts, chairs and tables and pianos for meetings, eating areas — whatever is needed, and she works behind the scenes to make certain that equipment and personnel are in place. At our last ACDA Fall Conference, she came in early to make sure everything was running smoothly, and then made coffee for everyone.

I know that Dianne’s sensitivity to the work that needs to be done is a result of her singing 2nd soprano in St. Andrew’s Choir. We all know how the 2nd sopranos always hold everything together! Dianne is highly capable, efficient, tireless, and always gracious. She goes “above and beyond” to assure that all of the details are covered in the planning process and in the events. She is respected and loved by all who work with her, and most deserving of the ACDA-MN ACE award.