Number of scholarships and grants awarded: 557

Dollar Amount Awarded: $321,094


2022 State Honor Choir Scholarship Recipients @ $1,604

  • 9-10:      7 scholarships
  • 4-5-6:   4 scholarships
  • 7-8:      10 scholarships

Special Note:  ALL families and students who applied were awarded honor choir scholarships!

2022 Summer Dialogue Scholarship Recipients

  • Andrea Brinkman, choral director at Mankato East High School
  • Jenna Leonard, choral director at Norwood Young America Public Schools
  • Claire Baker, choral director at Mankato West High School
  • Bailey Geist Schlottman, choral director at Spring Lake Park Public Schools
  • Stephanie Luedtke, choral director at Math & Science Academy, Woodbury

2022 Summer Dialogue Student Conductor Scholarship Recipients

  • Dr. Stephen Kingsbury, R&R Chair for Youth and Student Activities
  • Elizabeth Padula, College of St. Benedict/St. John’s University
  • Emma Downing, University of Minnesota-Duluth
  • Levi Kovic, Concordia College-Moorhead
  • Maddie Smoot, St. Olaf College
  • Drew Erickson, University of Minnesota-Morris
  • Kayla Gundermann, Concordia University-St. Paul
  • Eli McMahon, Gustavus Adolphus College
  • Sydney Gramstad, University of St. Thomas
  • Ashley Litzinger, Augsburg University
  • Dr. Mary Kay Geston, Great River Chorale, clinician


  • Angelica Cantanti Youth Choirs Concert Choir – Elizabeth Egger, conductor
  • Concordia College Vocal Jazz – Wyatt Steinke, conductor
  • ComMUSICation – Carey Shunskis, conductor
  • East Central Minnesota Chorale – Charles Moe, conductor
  • Known-MPLS – Courtland Pickens, conductor
  • Minnesota Valley Women’s Chorale – Judy Sagen, conductor

Note:  All scholarship and grant applicants received awards!


Did you know that the year 2022 marks 25 years since the FMC Endowment Fund distributed its first scholarship awards for emerging conductors to attend the 1997 Summer Dialogue located at Winona State University?   Referring back to the ACDA-MN archives those first recipients were:

Nicki Bakko Toliver, Michelle Bondhus, Drew Collins, Anna Dick, Lindsay Jacobson, Brandon Johnson, Daniel Juni, Aaron McDermid, Lee Nelson, and Travis Sletta.


Throughout these many years, the FMC Endowment Fund has expanded its support to our Minnesota choral music community by providing scholarships for members to attend graduate school, attend professional development conferences, support a needs-based state honor choir scholarship program, and support and encourage young music students to pursue choral conducting as a career.  A new transportation grant program was launched in 2021 to assist choirs to perform in the annual ACDA-MN state conference, and a new funding platform expected to launch in 2023, will underwrite future diversity initiatives programming sponsored by our organization.  In addition, the fund provides considerable financial assistance to the ACDA-MN general budget that considerably reduces registration rates for Summer Dialogue and State Conference, and further supports a portion of the salary for the Executive Director and Director of Development.

Now more than ever, your gifts have and will continue to make a huge difference in our ability to live out our mission as we seek to inspire and support a community of choral musicians in our state.  Thanks a million!


Teaming up with hundreds of Minnesota non-profits, ACDA of Minnesota, through its FMC Endowment Fund, will participate in the annual Give to the Max Day scheduled for Thursday, November 17, 2022.  Special giving incentives will be offered throughout the day for donors to maximize their contributions.  Historically, millions of dollars are generated each year for Minnesota non-profit organizations through the Give to the Max campaign.



Join Minnesota’s choral music community
 to celebrate this historic occasion
 at two identical performances featuring:

The Augsburg Choir • The Concordia Choir
The Concordia University Christus Chorus
The Gustavus Choir
The National Lutheran Choir • The St. Olaf Choir

Sunday, November 20, 2:00 and 6:30 pm
Orchestra Hall • Minneapolis MN

Orchestra Hall ticket office NOW OPEN

For more updated information visit

Sponsored by
The American Choral Directors Association of Minnesota (ACDA-MN)
and the
F. Melius Christiansen (FMC) Endowment Fund Committee


We thank these individual and corporate donors who have contributed to the FMC Endowment Fund during May to August, 2022:

  • Mark & Sarah Abelsen
  • Dariush & Margaret Akhavan
    in honor of Bruce W. Becker
  • Steven Albaugh
  • Allied Concert Services, Inc.
  • Rolf & Laurie Anderson
  • James & Kathleen Andrews
  • Anonymous
  • Linda M. Armstrong
  • Paige Armstrong
  • Augsburg University
  • Miriam Augsburger
  • Awards Direct
  • Carol Barnett
  • Karin Barrett
  • Jacob Barsness
  • Bradley Beale
  • Deveny Beaton
  • Bruce W. & Paula M. Becker
    in memory of Peter Hendrickson;
    in honor of Julie Kanthak, Kathy Larson, Steven Deitz, Harry Mechell, Melanie Kjellberg
  • Linda Benge
  • Gillian Teoh-Berbee
  • Zane Biles
  • Bryan Blessing
  • Steven & Margaret Boehlke
  • Kristina Boerger
  • Philip & Carolyn Brunelle
  • Rhonda Card
  • Zachariah Carlson
  • Richard S. Carrick
  • Marilyn Cathcart
  • Tim Cayler
  • Corey Cellurale
  • Amy Jo Cherner
  • Concordia University
  • Julie Corneil-Smith
    in honor of Mary Rudquist
  • Ryan Deignan
  • Megan Dimich
  • Richard Duncan
  • Alicia Dunning
  • Peter Durow
  • Mary Ebanks
  • ECS Publishing Group
  • Randi Erlandson
  • Jason Etten
  • Arne Everson
    in memory of Alfhild Boe Everson
  • Christopher & Tiffany Fettig
    in honor of Conner Fettig
  • Dennis Friesen-Carper
    in honor of Bruce W. Becker
  • Chad Garrels
  • Adam Giebner
  • Sarah Gilbertson
  • Janice Gilbertson
  • Jere Graetz
    in memory of Lauretta P. Graetz
  • Eileen Grosland
  • Adam Gruendemann
  • Stephen & Nancy Grundahl
  • Gerald Gurss
  • John Habermann
  • Rob Hahn
  • Thomas Wm. Hassig
  • Diane Heaney
  • Kelly Heinonen
  • Mark Hemingway
  • Emma Hohulin
  • Janet Holdt
  • Sharon Holets
  • Nicholas Hollermann
  • Paula Holmberg
    in memory of Sigrid Johnson;
    in honor of Bruce W. Becker
  • Ann E. Hoven
    in memory of Duane C. Hoven
  • Robin Hughes
  • Jeff Iverson
  • Marc Jaros
  • Hannah Johnson
  • Jennifer Johnson
  • Joel & Karen Johnson
    in memory of Hollis Johnson, Thomas Nee
  • Mark S. Johnson
  • W. Clark Johnson
  • Bridget Keenan
  • Matt Kiminski
  • Lynne King
    in memory of Kenneth Jennings
  • Stephen & Maria Kingsbury
  • Melanie Kjellberg
    in honor of Rene Clausen
  • George & Anne Klus
  • Aaron Kohrs
  • Jonathan Kopplin
  • Michael Kovic
  • Matthew Krage
  • Jennifer Krinke
  • Zachary Kubasta
  • Alison Kulseth
  • Kyle Lamb
  • Teri Larson
    in memory of Alice T. Larsen
  • Kathryn Larson
  • Garrett & Holly Lathe
  • Isaac Lovdahl
  • Stephanie Luedtke
  • Karen Lutgen
  • Jody Martinson
  • Chris McGinley
  • Gene & Gloria Mickelson
  • Brad Miller
  • Mark Trump
  • Robert & Rosalie Moninger
  • National Lutheran Choir
  • Shawn Neisen
  • Mark & Ardis Nelson
  • Mark Neppl
  • Rylee Newton
  • Kennedy Niska
  • Stephanie Nolting
  • Brandon Nordhues
  • David & Carol Nordli
  • Glenn & Ann Nycklemoe
  • Judith Nyquist
  • Sharon Olson
    in memory of Dick Olson
  • Amber Olson
  • Andrew Parr
  • Bruce & Candi Phelps
  • Dylan Pringle
  • Laura Quaintance
  • Kymani Queen
  • Laura Quest
    in honor of Michael Jeffrey
  • Richard Robbins
  • Patrick & Kathy Romey
  • Kara Rysavy
  • Judy Sagen
  • Tim Sawyer
    in memory of Sigrid Johnson
  • Randy S. Schafer
  • Bailey Geist Schlottman
  • Erin Schmidt
  • Cora Scholz
    in memory of Robert Scholz
  • Stephanie Schumacher
  • Joshua Smith
  • Michael Smith
  • Eliza Snortland
  • St. Andrew’s Lutheran Church
  • St. Olaf College
  • Jennifer Starr
    in honor of Jan Gilbertson
  • Olivia Steffl
  • Ruth Stensland Stevens
  • STMA Music Booster Club
  • Brian & Jenny Stubbs
  • Wendy Souja
  • Laura Tempel
  • Axel Theimer
  • Barb Thibaudeau
  • Nicole Thietje
  • Daryl Timmer
  • Mark & Stephanie Trump
    in honor of Bruce W. Becker, Rebecca Wyffels
  • Jerome Upton
  • Tyler Vidal
  • Bernie & Janet Wagnild
  • Lynne M. Waldeland
    in memory of Alice T. Larsen
  • Therese Walth
  • Elizabeth Wegner
  • Janet A. White
  • Stanley & Mona Wold
  • Philip Wold
    in memory of Jane Wold
  • Andrew Wotherspoon
  • Rebecca Wyffels
  • Grace Young
  • Ashley Andersen Zantop
    in honor of Dan LeJeune
  • Susan Zemlin
    in honor of Bruce W. Becker

Gifts to the FMC Endowment Fund

Acknowledge a mentor, colleague, relative or friend, by donating to the FMC Endowment Fund.  Your donations in ANY amount are welcomed at ANY time.

Your gift to the FMC Endowment Fund supports choral music excellence in Minnesota today and into the future.  ACDA of Minnesota is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and all gifts are tax deductible.

For more information or to make an on-line contribution by credit card click:

Or mail your contribution by December 31 to:

FMC Endowment Fund
Bruce W.  Becker, Director of Development
13288 Downey Trail
Apple Valley MN. 55124


Effective January 1, 2023, mail FMC donations to:

Jamie Andrews, Executive Director
ACDA of Minnesota
4445 44th Avenue South
Minneapolis MN. 55406

We greatly appreciate your ongoing generosity and support.  Thank you!


ACDA-MN leadership, overseeing the FMC Endowment Fund and the Alice T. Larsen Memorial Scholarship Fund, annually advises our investment management firm to adopt selective investment strategies that utilize socially conscious investment options that focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria.

Members of the FMC Endowment Fund Committee:

  • Rolf Anderson
  • Daniel Digre
  • Marie Spar Dymit
  • Rikka Estenson
  • Nancy Grundahl
  • Stephen Grundahl
  • Paula Holmberg
  • Jon Kietzer
  • Melanie Kjellberg
  • Anne Klus
  • Kathryn Larson
  • Karla Miller
  • Mark Nelson
  • Randy Schafer
  • Daryl Timmer
  • Michael Walsh, Chair
  • Bruce W. Becker, Director of Development
  • Jamie Andrews, Executive Director

Members of the FMC Advisory Committee

  • Anton E. Armstrong
  • Philip Brunelle
  • Carol Barnett
  • Abbie Betinis
  • Rene Clausen
  • Jocelyn Hagen
  • Brian Newhouse
  • Jake Runestad
  • Kathy Saltzman Romey
  • Timothy C. Takach
  • Dale Warland