Number of scholarships and grants awarded: 528

Dollar Amount Awarded: $302,563


Recent scholarship and grant awards totaling $6,618 have included these recipients. Congratulations!

2022 ACDA Midwestern (Chicago) Conference Scholarship Recipients

Samantha Walters, Zimmerman Middle-High School
Bridget Zenk, student, University of St. Thomas
Joshua Smith, Holdingford High School and St. John’s Boys’ Choir
Zachary Kubasta, LeSueur-Henderson Middle-High School
Ingrid Lindgren, student, University of St. Thomas

2022 State 9-10 High School Honor Choir Scholarship Recipients

7 scholarship awards to all students who applied
(names withheld due to honoring data privacy)

Future Scholarship Awards in 2022

Scholarships awarded by the FMC Endowment Fund Scholarship Sub-Committee will be available with these application deadlines:

Graduate Study:  April 1 deadline

  • Available to both part-time and full-time students with award amounts from $1,200 up to $4,000
  • Eligibility:  ACDA-MN members with at least two years of teaching/conducting service in Minnesota

Alice T. Larsen Memorial Scholarship Award:  April 1 deadline

  • Available to Minnesota choral directors seeking graduate school experience with award amount of up to $1,500
  • Eligibility:  Female ACDA-MN members with at least two years of teaching/conducting service in Minnesota

Summer Dialogue:  May 15 deadline

  • Available for Minnesota conductors to attend the annual Summer Dialogue conference August 3-5 located at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN
  • Two award levels:  Full Award with registration and campus housing; Partial Award with registration
  • Eligibility:  Emerging Minnesota choral directors/teachers with up to two years of experience recent college/university vocal music education graduates, ACDA-MN members who will be attending Summer Dialogue for the first time, regardless of experience

Summer Dialogue Student Conductor Workshop:  March 15 deadline

  • Available for student members to participate in the annual Summer Dialogue Student Conductor program, August 3-4, located at St. John’s University in Collegeville, MN.
  • Award includes two-day registration, campus housing, and meals.
  • Students will apply with and be selected by their college/university advisor
  • Eligibility:  College junior or senior vocal music education major

2021 FMC Endowment Fund Donation Summary

Donations to the FMC Endowment Fund during 2021 (our 25th anniversary year) demonstrated an outstanding result with more donors participating, and more dollars received. A major source of the increase was sponsorship support for the FMC 151st Anniversary celebration scheduled for November of 2022.

Here follows a summary of giving to the FMC Endowment Fund in 2021:

Total Donations Received
Total Donors Contributing
Average Gift
Individual Donations Received
ACDA-MN Members
Total Individual Donors
ACDA-MN Members
Corporate and Foundation Donations
Corporate and Foundation Donors
Give to the Max Day Donations
Give to the Max Day Donors
Alice T. Larsen Memorial Scholarship Donations
Alice T. Larsen Memorial Scholarship Donors
$ 2,355.00
FMC 151st Anniversary Sponsor Donations
FMC 151st Anniversary Sponsor Donors
GiveMN.Org Donations
GiveMn.Org Donors

ACDA-MN and FMC leadership who participated and led the annual donation campaign are represented in these categories:

GroupMembersPercentageFMC FundFMC 151stTotal
FMC Committee Members
FMC Emeritus Members
FMC Advisory Board
ACDA-MN R&R Chairs
ACDA-MN Honor Choir Co-Chairs
Past Presidents
SUB TOTALS 95/10788.7%$20,068$5,250$25,318

FMC @ 25 YEARS:  Part Two in a Three-Part Series

Steady Growth and A Remarkable Decade of Major Programs and Gifts

Authored by Mary Kay Geston and Bruce W. Becker

As we approached a new millennium, a steady stream of donations from individual, foundation, and corporate donors helped the endowment grow.  In its first five years the endowment funded thirty-nine scholarships to attend Summer Dialogue, seven scholarships to attend divisional or national ACDA conferences, and awarded $4,500 in graduate scholarships to ACDA-MN members.

The F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund is indebted to ACDA members and supporters of choral music whose faithful giving has been, and continues to be, essential to the endowment’s ability to invest in the choral life of Minnesota.  In its first ten years the endowment received notable gifts from members and friends.  Several retired state members have also made commitments to the endowment in their wills.

While individual donations are the lifeblood of the endowment, two remarkable gifts stand out in the endowment’s history.  In August, 2002 the Sixth World Symposium on Choral Music (WSCM-6) was held in Minneapolis.  Chaired by ACDA-MN member Philip Brunelle, the board of directors for WSCM-6 created the International Choral Festival (ICF), a series of public concerts in Minneapolis and St. Paul featuring each of the international choirs that performed for registrants of the symposium.  In a gesture of goodwill and thanks for ACDA-MN member’s assistance, Brunelle presented the endowment with a check for $90,000 representing the proceeds from the ICF.  This singular donation generated great excitement about the endowment’s future prospects.

Minnesota members who served on the WCS-6 Organizing Committee were:

  •     Philip Brunelle, President
  •     Robert C. Johnson, Vice President
  •     Diana J. Leland, Secretary
  •     Frank Stubbs, Treasurer
  •     Bruce W. Becker, Program Chair
  •     Steven O. Boehlke
  •     Lauretta Graetz
  •     John Hoeschler
  •     Wayne M. Kivell
  •     Scott Romaine
  •     Kathy Romey
  •     Timothy Sawyer

Fast forward four years and the endowment committee’s well-laid plans for a second grand concert ten years after the first have come to fruition.  The F. Melius Christiansen 135th Anniversary Concert on November 19, 2006 at Orchestra Hall, Minneapolis, brought together choirs of Augsburg College, Concordia College-Moorhead, Concordia University-St. Paul, Gustavus Adolphus College, and St. Olaf College.  Once again, the massed choirs concluded the sell-out concerts, which were offered twice in one day, by singing F. Melius Christiansen’s beloved arrangement of “Beautiful Savior” under the direction of Kenneth Jennings.

At the 2006 anniversary concerts coordinated by ACDA-MN members Bruce Becker and Diana Leland, a one-of-a-kind $100,000 matching gift to the endowment fund from the Minnesota-owned Wenger Foundation was announced.  In response to this major gift, the endowment committee has redoubled its efforts to reach the original goal of $500,000.  Endowment committee members along with the entire membership of ACDA-MN worked diligently and successfully to raise the $100,000 by December 31, 2007 to meet the Wenger Foundation’s challenge.

In the fall of 2009, the stage was set for the next FMC Committee’s sponsored grand event, that of a Minnesota Collegiate Choral Festival, specifically featuring choirs from a non-Lutheran tradition.   The goal of the Committee was to reach out and celebrate Minnesota’s rich choral heritage so evident in our state and private college programs.  Festival Coordinator Steven Albaugh assembled an outstanding steering committee and made plans to bring together five collegiate choirs on Saturday, November 14 at Benson Great Hall at Bethel University in St. Paul.  Auditioned choirs that were selected for this historic performance were the Minnesota State University, Mankato Concert Choir; Northwestern College Choir; Saint John’s University Men’s Chorus; University Singers, University of Minnesota Duluth; and the University of St. Thomas Chamber Singers.  The choirs sang individually and combined to form a massed choir under the guest direction of Craig Jessop, head of the Music Department at Utah State University in Logan, Utah, and former conductor of the Mormon Tabernacle Choir.  The highlight of the performance was the world premiere of a new choral work entitled look up… by Minnesota native composer Eric William Barnum.

Thanks-A-Million FMC Donors!

We thank the following individual and corporate donors who contributed to the FMC Endowment Fund during September-December 2021:

Mark & Karen Aamot
Steven Albaugh
Raymond (Butch) Ames
Neil & Anderson & Johanna Rian
Anton E. Armstrongin honor of Dale Warland and Rene Clausen
Anton E. ArmstrongIn memory of Robert V. Scholz, Kenneth Jennings, Alice T. Larsen
Audrey RiddleIn memory of David Docter
Greg & Julie AuneIn memory of Richard H. Aune
Deveny Beaton
Bruce W. & Paula M. Beckerin honor of Bruce & Candace Phelps, René Clausen, Brian Stubbs, Zachariah Carlson
Bruce W. & Paula M. Beckerin memory of William Lydell, Edward Anthony, David Docter
Lyle & Dione Bellingin memory of Cartherine Mary Moran, Sona Lee Kleppe
Jeanne Bengstonin memory of Tanya Desatoff-Stupin
James & Meredith Bloedel
Steven O. & Margaret Boehlke
Lindsey Bosl
Virginia Bowlesin memory of Alice T. Larsen
Brian Brokofsky
Lawrence Burnettin honor of Bruce W. Becker
Zachariah Carlson
Marilyn Cathcart
Sonja Chamberlain
Rene & Mary Clausen
Virginia Coburnin memory of Alice T. Larsen
Julie Conzemius
Jim & Megan Cox
Camille Dehlenin memory of Lester C. Dehlin
Daniel Digre
Richard Duncan
Kyle Eastman
Samuel Eckberg
Jim & Anne Eidsvold
Mike & Pat Elton
Gordon & Rikka Estensonin memory of Richard & Kathryne Hoffland
Arne Everson
John E. Folinin memory of Paul J. Christiansen
Peter Fourniea
Erin Gaffaney
Michelle Gehrz
Barb Geier
Jan Gilbertson
Sue Gilsdorf
Lana Gilsterin memory of Alice T. Larsen
Joel Gotzin honor of Ken & Pat Paul
Stephen F. Griffinin honor of David Cherwien
Groth Music
Stephen & Nancy Grundahl
Gerald Gurss
Kate Halversonin memory of Robert N. Pearson
Charles & Anita Hellie
Kenneth & Linda Hodgson
Andrew & Paula Holmberg
Ann E. Hovenin memory of Duane C. Hoven
Carolyn Jenningsin memory of Kenneth Jennings
Mark S. Johnson
Joel & Karen Johnsonin memory of Thomas Nee
Jennifer Johnson
Sigrid Johnson
Mark S. Johnson
Kirsten N. Johnson
W. Clark Johnson
Mark S. Johnson
Janice B. Johnson
Jon Kietzer
Wayne Kivell
Jeff & Melanie Kjellbergin honor of René Clausen
Richard Kvam
Dale Lammi
Reid Larsen
Chris Larson
Lou Ann Larsonin honor of Teri Larson
Richard A. Larson
Daniel & Kerri LeJeune
Diana J. Lelandin honor of Katherine Doepke, René Clausen, Dale Warland
Diana J. Lelandin memory of David Docter, Gloria Kiester
Mark Lerohlin memory of Howard & Diane Lerohl
Carl H. & Jean C. Lipkein memory of Carl A. & Gertrude S. Lipke, Herman E. & Ida P. Pinske, Evald E. & Virginia Larson
Lisa Lozitoin memory of Catherine Mary Moran
Patricia Mason
Loren & Faith McCaghy
David & Katherine Mennicke
Karla J. Millerin honor of Wayne M. Kivell
Charlette Moein honor of all Minnesota choral directors
Andrew Moore
Brian Newhouse
Kennedy Niska
Stephanie Noltingin memory of Angie Miller
David & Carol Nordli
Clyde L. Olsonin memory of Ellen Olson
Gordon & Betty Olson
Jane Oxton
Neal Peterson & Deanna Thompson
Christopher Pielain memory of Robert L. Peterson
Bert Pinsonneault
Paul & Abigail Pribbenow
Richard Robbins
Paul & Donna Roein memory of Alice T. Larsen
Ronald & Martha Rossingin honor of Matthew Tylutki
Kathryn R.E. Russelin memory of Alice T. Larsen
Ronald Rydellin memory of Paul J. Christiansen
Charles & Karen Sagedahlin memory of Murrae & Helen Freng, John Imsdahl
Timothy & Heidi Sawyer
Randy S. Schafer
Ann Schrooten
Michael Sellheim
Joan Skaletin memory of Paul Skalet
Eliza Snortland
Ruth M. Sorensonin honor of Paul & Lois Christenson
Wyatt Steinke
Doug & Kari Strandell
Laura Tempel
Gillian Teoh-Berbee
Axel Theimer
Nicole Thietje
Daryl Timmer
Richard & Jane Trapp
Upsala Swanville Area Community Chorus
Sarah Waller
Michael Walsh
Dale & Ruth Warland
Roselyn Hanson Weber
Elizabeth Wegner
Scott & Karin Werdahlin memory of Alice T. Larsen
Christopher & Jill Westermeyer
Bruce D. Willis
Gudrun Witrak
Rebecca Hagesteun Wyffelsin memory of Sylvia Storvick
Gary & Betty Zinter

A complete listing of donors and donor tributes will be available in the 2021 FMC Annual Report posted in early 2022.

Gifts to the F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund

Acknowledge a mentor, colleague, relative or friend, by donating to the FMC Endowment Fund. Your donations, in ANY amount, are welcomed at ANY time.

Your gift to the F. Melius Christiansen Endowment Fund supports choral music excellence in Minnesota today and in the future. ACDA of Minnesota is a non-profit 501 (c) (3) organization and all gifts are tax-deductible.

For more information or to make an on-line contribution by credit card, click:

Or mail your contribution to:

FMC Endowment Fund
Bruce W. Becker
ACDA-MN Executive Director
13288 Downey Trail
Apple Valley, MN  55124

Now more than ever, your support will help sustain our scholarship program and support the ACDA-MN general budget, thereby reducing fees for Summer Dialogue and State Conference registrants.

We greatly appreciate your ongoing generosity and support.  Thank you!


ACDA-MN leadership overseeing the FMC Endowment Fund and the Alice T. Larsen Memorial Scholarship Fund, annually advises our investment management firm to adopt selective investment strategies that utilize socially conscious investment options that focus on environmental, social, and corporate governance criteria.

Members of the FMC Endowment Fund Committee

  • Rolf Anderson
  • Daniel Digre
  • Marie Spar Dymit
  • Rikka Estenson
  • Nancy Grundahl
  • Stephen Grundahl
  • Paula Holmberg
  • Jon Kietzer
  • Melanie Kjellberg
  • Kathryn Larson
  • Karla Miller
  • Mark Nelson, Chair
  • Randy Schafer
  • Daryl Timmer
  • Stephanie Trump, ACDA-MN State President
  • Michael Walsh, Chair-Elect
  • Bruce W. Becker, Executive Director

FMC Endowment Fund Emeritus Members

  • Steven Albaugh
  • Linda M. Armstrong
  • Steven O. Boehlke
  • Lawrence Burnett
  • David Docter+
  • Katherine G. Doepke
  • Richard Edstrom
  • A.B. Engen+
  • Geneva S. Eschweiler+
  • Murrae N. Freng+
  • Barbara A. Geier
  • Mary Kay Geston
  • Janice Gilbertson
  • Lauretta P. Graetz+
  • Curtis E. Hansen+
  • Thomas Wm. Hassig
  • Diane Heaney
  • Charles Hellie
  • Paula Holmberg
  • Robin Hughes
  • Robert C. “BJ” Johnson+
  • Wayne M. Kivell
  • Jennifer Krinke
  • Diana J. Leland
  • Howard C. Lerohl+
  • Carl H. Lipke
  • Larry McCaghy
  • Robert D. Mix
  • Ronald A. Nelson+
  • Robert L. Peterson+
  • Bruce Phelps
  • Tim Peterson
  • Linda M. Smith
  • Roger H. Tenney
  • Axel Theimer
  • Michael Wolsted

FMC Advisory Board Members

  • Anton E. Armstrong
  • Philip Brunelle
  • Carol Barnett
  • Abbie Betinis
  • René Clausen
  • Jocelyn Hagen
  • Sigrid Johnson
  • Brian Newhouse
  • Stephen Paulus+
  • Jake Runestad
  • Kathy Saltzman Romey
  • Timothy C. Takach
  • Dale Warland

(+) In Remembrance