Northwest District ACE Award

Anne Hintz

Nominated & Presented by: Laura Quaintance (photo left)

Anne Hintz started as the accompanist for the Fergus Falls High School choral program in 2017. She has accompanied all choirs from grades 5-12. Her kind and gentle-hearted personality wisely enhances the rehearsal space, while her perfect pitch allows for many singers to be held accountable for excellence in the best way.

Anne does so much more than accompany. She is the foundation that the choral program is built upon. As her colleague Val Johnson put it, “I could do my job only because she was there.” As choral directors, we can relate to that comment, knowing how much an accompanist can truly enhance a choral experience.

Anne goes above and beyond her duties as accompanist. Everything she does puts the students’ best interests first. She takes time to play for multiple rehearsals per day, plays for individual voice lessons, helps students prepare for solo/ensemble, all-state, and various other auditions, and takes time to record detailed rehearsal tracks for each of the choirs and students she plays for. She is tech savvy, and forward thinking in her musicianship and the students are better for it.

The choral directors from Fergus wanted to share one last bit in honor of Anne. They said, “She is truly a remarkable individual. The Fergus Falls Choral program is blessed to have Anne Hintz as a vital team member. It is an honor to work with her each and every day. She is the glue that holds every rehearsal together, and we could not think of a more deserving individual for this award.”

Congratulations, Anne Hintz, Northwest District’s Advocate for Choral Excellence recipient.