Metro East District ACE Award

Jeff Goldsmith

President of Grand Tours

Nominated & Presented by:
Jim Cox (choral director at Eagan High School) & Amy Johnson (Metro East District Chair)

Jeff Goldsmith is the president of Grand Tours, a tour company committed to giving music students and music organizations international travel experiences at the highest level.

According to the Grand Tours website, “A successful group tour experience begins with the selection of a tour provider that is genuinely interested in your group’s unique dreams, aspirations, and abilities. A collaborative partnership forms the basis for designing a tour that aligns with your philosophy of travel.” This statement embodies what it is like to work with Jeff.

Jeff is focused on giving students the travel experience of a lifetime. Working closely with directors, Jeff offers sites, experiences, and performance venues that are in high demand as well as opportunities that are hidden gems. Jeff’s focus is always on the students and he constantly looks for ways to enhance his tour options.

In the infamous spring of 2020, the Eagan Choirs were set to travel to Austria and Czech Republic. A week before departure, our trip was cancelled due to the pandemic. Needless to say, our students and families were devastated. There was no way of making this disappointment bearable… and yet, Jeff did. With his efforts in daily communication with teachers, administration, and families, and his heroic efforts in refunding as much money to families as possible, our students learned a valuable lesson in service and doing what is right, no matter the cost.

Thank you, Jeff, for your service to the Eagan High School Choir students and families, as well as many other programs across the state and country. Congratulations on receiving the ACDA-MN ACE Award for the Metro East District.